He looks at me and asks,
What did he do to deserve someone like me.

While I admire his inner and outer beauty, & wonder the same thing about him.

a daily dose of kindness, for a happy heart.

Most people believe that you need a reason to be kind, or nice to someone.

                                             I disagree, strongly disagree.

Giving without expecting anything at all has to be the most beautiful thing.

It’s heartwarming knowing you can brighten up someone’s day. Helping people is honestly the key to happiness. Being kind can go such a long way, It doesn’t matter if people have been mean to you all your life or if nothing’s going your way today. At the end of the day, what someone else is doing isn’t your problem. KEEP SMILING. What you give is what you’ll receive. Even if at times it seems like no matter how good you are nothing ever goes your way. Take those times as lessons, not a curse. Learn to get up and be better. Overcome the obstacles and fight those thoughts that say “there’s no point on being kind, no one ever appreciates it”

You need to remember that if you do a nice gesture, Do it because it makes YOU happy to do it. Not for an applause, do it out of the goodness of your heart.

The one that’s in charge of sending us our blessings is watching. Sometimes it takes awhile for us to see it, but being kind really pays off. He knows when & how he will repay us. Don’t question it. Don’t ask for it, just have faith in Him.

Let You Go

I miss you,

But I don’t need you.

Maybe that’s my biggest fault.

I push people away when I care too much,

I’ll rather go on alone..

But when I feel lonely, 

I’ve already let you go.


8 years ago today..
Never thought that would be the last day I would hold you.
Didn’t even get to tell you I loved you.

Never crossed my mind that I would have to face struggles, laughs without you.

Wonder how would it be if you were still here, would I still be this strong?
Would I be able to stand alone?

You’ve showed me a lot when you were here, but I learned more when you were gone.

It’s not fair for me to go on without you, hoping that ill see you soon.
But as of now, dreams is the only place we’ll meet. The only place where I can see your beautiful face.

You believe sorry fixes everything.
But sorry didn’t change anything then & it won’t change anything now.

Show me you’re sorry, don’t give empty apologies.

You know those days when you feel like crying, but don’t know why?

When you just don’t feel like socializing or seeing anyone?
Just be home doing nothing.

Yeah, it’s been that kind of week.

It’s not about walking alone or with someone but walking and knowing who you are. Walk in a room with confidence, and everyone will admire the rhythm of your walk.

Stupid Love Games

Some people just play way too many games. Either you want to be with them or you don’t. Don’t wait around for anyone who is undecided or doesn’t know what they want with their life. Your worth is not a dice anyone can just throw and decide. You are worth way more, you deserve someone who deserves you and appreciates who you are. Never let anyone take you for granted, you’re worth more believe it or not❤

Word of advice.

Whether you want to lose weight or gain it, my word of advice is throw away your scale. That scale is not your friend. Don’t let that number define YOU. Work out, watch what you eat & be happy… Be happy with yourself.